LZ Roofing & Siding LLC is one of those few roofing companies in Hopewell, NJ that people can fully rely on for any kind of roofing, siding and painting service in the township and nearby areas including Pennington, Mt Rose and more. We have successfully completed hundreds of roofing projects in Mercer County – small to big projects. No matter how big or small the job is, we treat them equally and do our best to give an excellent end result. Call us if you need roofing service in Hopewell.

Roof installation, repair and replacement service in Hopewell

Living in New Jersey means encountering windstorms, snowstorms and heavy rains. So with the aging of your roof, your rooftops unfold some kind of problems time and again. Whether it is just a small leakage that you want to fix up or a large part of roof that you need to replace, we are one of the reliable Hopewell’s commercial roofers to get done your job correctly and efficiently.

Siding inspection, repair, replacement and installation in Trenton

We have years of practice, have quite inexpensive rates and provide the top deal that you would possibly get in New Jersey. So if you need any roofing and siding service in Trenton, then calling us would be your definitive option. We work on all kinds of siding materials including wood (bevel or sakes), stone, brick, metal, stucco and more.

Why choose us as your Hopewell’s commercial roofing contractor?

  • We have a team of experienced and skilled Hopewell roofers.
  • We are rated A* by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and we are well known by roof manufactures for our excellent workmanship.
  • We quickly respond to your mail, online booking and call.
  • While installing a roofing and siding, we care about all the important aspects like water resistance ability, energy efficiency, aesthetic value, cost, eco-friendly materials and work, durability and more.

If you need roofing contractors for repairing or installing a new roof in Hopewell, then calling us would be best option.