LZ Roofing & Siding LLC is an experienced siding and roofing company offering a wide array of services from construction to home renovations in Trenton, NJ. We offer siding Services to all our valued customers in the major areas of New Jersey. Siding refers to any kind of material that is placed on the exterior of your home.


Installing siding has two major benefits:

  • It acts as a protective layer to the exterior of your home from harsh weather conditions and other elements.
  • It adds an aesthetic value to your property

We can work on various types of siding materials like wood, vinyl, brick, fiber, metal, aluminum, stucco, stone and cement.


Siding can fall victim to many factors – flying debris, rot, broken branches, extreme temperatures, hailstorm, accidents etc. This does not end here: a damaged siding will lead to other issues like water leakage, mold growth, further damage to the siding etc.

So, the moment you see a damaged siding just give us a call at (609) 510-0277. We will remove and replace the damaged section of the siding leaving no clue of repairs.

LZ Roofing & Siding LLC at Your Service

Whether you need to install siding or repair one we are here to help. LZ Roofing & Siding LLCs siding contractors will get your job well done right the firs time.

Give us a call at (609) 510-0277 or contact us online.